Saki-Hakiri Multiseason 15kg medium




“Saki-Hikari R” offers a unique fusion of Saki-Hikari benefits and new technology discovered at the Hikari Aquatic Laboratory. Our “R Extract” provides koi keepers and breeders with another science-based option to keep their koi in top form.


Saki-Hikari R Multi-Season is designed for use when your water temperatures are consistently above 12°C (54°F).Remember, lower water temperatures dictate less feeding. Nobody knows your koi better than you do, use the following as a guide and always avoid over-feeding. Never leave uneaten food in the pond after the feeding period.

  • Above 18°C (64°F):
    Feed Saki-Hikari R Multi-Season 2 to 4 times daily based on the activity level of your koi.
  • Between 12°C(54°F) and 18°C(64°F):
    Feed Saki-Hikari R Multi-Season up to 4 times daily based on the activity level of your koi. For best results, try to feed during the warmest part of the day.
  • Between 5°C (41°F) and 12°C (54°F):
    Carefully regulate the amount fed based on the activity level of your koi and your pond conditions. Extra care should be taken to avoid over-feeding in this temperature range.
  • Below 5°C (41°F):
    Stop all feeding. To avoid reducing the benefits of the “R Extract”, we recommend the Saki-Hikari R Multi-Season no less than 50% of the overall food fed. Using only Saki-Hikari diets with a Saki-Hikari R Multi-Season will offer the most synergistic effect of “R Extract” and “Hikari-Germ”.

We recommend Saki Hikari Multi Season R for:

All koi with championship potential kept in cooler climates or during periods when the water temperature is not stable.

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