Bioptim, nutrients for bacteria in saltwater
Bioptim provides the BioDigest bacteria with the micronutrients needed to optimally purify saltwater and improve water quality.

Bioptim information
Contains all the microelements needed for aquarium life (amino acids, enzymes, natural vitamins…)

Bioptim also provides trace elements:
- sulphur for proteins
- iron for plants and fish blood
- cobalt for B vitamins
- calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, molybdenum and potassium

Dynamises the cellular metabolism of most of the bacteria living in freshwater aquariums
Bioptim speedily accelerates the digestion of organic matter
It also facilitates the elimination of nitrates and phosphates

When should Bioptim be used ?
Use in combination of BioDigest bacteria
When you want to have a better water quality in you saltwater aquarium

How to use Bioptim ?
What volume ? What range ? What dosage ?
121 to 200 liters Standard 1 vial / 15 days
201 to 400 liters Standard 2 vials / 15 days
401 to 600 liters Standard 3 vials / 15 days
601 to 800 liters Standard 4 vials / 15 days
801 to 1 000 liters Standard 5 vials / 15 days

Prodibio Bioptim Each (Per Vial)


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