Prodibio Stop Ammo is made from natural plant extracts and neutralizes ammonium in the aquarium, breeding and transport water, reduces stress, prevents damage caused to gills and limits the production of nitrites. Ammonium is very toxic in an aquarium, especially when the pH level exceeds 7.5. It is the cause of nitrite surges and the cause of stress, immunity deficiency and damage to the gills. Stop Ammo also neutralizes dangerous gases produced by the putrefaction of organic matter.

Use Stop Ammo when starting up an aquarium, to introduce fish more rapidly, when renewing, to reduce accidental nitrite surges (decomposition of an inaccessible fish). Prodibio Stop Ammo can be use in fresh and marine water

Dosage of prodibio Stop Ammo:
In the water used to transport the fish: the dose to be applied consists of 1 ampoule to 10 litres of water.
In fresh and salt water aquaria: Initially, 1 ampoule to 60 litres of water to prevent accidents on start-up. If nitrites start to build up, 1 ampoule to 30 litres of water so as to take preventive action and reduce nitrite production (decomposing fish, overfeeding, etc.)

Prodibio Stop Ammo (Per Vial)