• The SEBO automatic AC/DC air pump is a double outlet, powerful air pump that is perfect for constant use or in times when an emergency air supply is required.
  • The system is controlled by a single button / switch that allows for easy programming of the different operating options
  • Operating options are as follows: With the pump plugged into the 220V AC supply, use the control button to set the pump into "high" mode (the red LED indicator light will glow). To set the pump into "low" output mode, push the control button once (the green LED indicator light will glow) and the pump will now operate at half output. In both of the previously described scenarios, should the 220V AC supply fail, the pump will automatically switch over to DC power and continue operating with no disruption. Pressing the control button again will put the air pump into charging mode only and the red and green LED indicator lights will flash alternatively. In this mode, the air pump will not operate but will charge the battery pack more rapidly than when operating on AC. Pressing the control button again will shut the pump down.
  • The pump creates a powerful air output of 2 x 4 l/min whilst utilizing only 15w of power
  • The unit is able to operate in a wide voltage range of 150V-240V at 50Hz/60Hz
  • Prior to initial usage, the unit requires charging for a period of 8 to 10 hours to ensure that the battery is fully charged
  • The pump will operate for up to 36 hours from fully charged depending upon the operating mode used.

Sobo Automatic Ac/Dc Air Pump Ap-1000


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