The Aquael Reef Circulator 2500 is a high performance nano wave maker used to create an ideal, wide angled circulation of water in the aquarium

  • Due to the special maglev suspension system used in the rotor chamber, the pump is virtually silent and is very energy efficient
  • Utilizing only 4W of power, the Aquael Reef Circulator 2500 creates a water flow of 2600  L/H
  • The ball and socket type swivel system used to attach the pump head to the attachment mounting enables the water flow to be directed in virtually any direction on a 180 degree plain.
  • The motor produces virtually no heat and therefore will not impact the temperature of the water in the aquarium
  • The unit is attached to the aquarium via a magnetic mounting that is effective on glass of up to a maximum of 15mm
  • The Reef Circulator 2500 is recommended for use in aquariums of up to 200 liter volume

Aquael Reef Circulator 2500