The Jebao OW-50 Wave Maker is a durable, high quality unit that is easily controlled by the wireless controller allowing for programming of different wave / flow patterns. The controller is very easy to set-up and comes with clear, concise programming instructions.

  • The Jeboa OW-50 is especially suited for use in reef / marine aquariums of 500 to 1500 liters volume
  • Being fully programmable via the wireless controller, the output flow rates are adjustable from 1700 to 20000, whilst many different wave patterns may be created
  • The wave maker attaches to the aquarium glass via a magnetic mounting that is suitable for glass up to a maximum of 15mm thick
  • The controller may be used to connect multiple units in a master / slave set-up or, as a one wave pump, one controller system
  • Although one unit may be used very successfully by itself, to create swirls, eddies and multiple different flow patterns, it is recommended that two units be used in tandem
  • A night time sensor will automatically detect whenever the aquarium's main lights are not operating and ensure that the pump operates at a lower flow rate
  • The special feeding-time setting allows for the pump to operate at a lower flow rate for up to 10 minutes, minimizing food wastage
  • The powerful, durable, low power consumption motor is fitted with a ceramic shaft to ensure a long service life