• The  Bubble Magus Curve 9 is one of the most efficient and economical protein skimmers available due to it's unique, bottle shaped design and pump system
  • Driven by a highly efficient, low power consumption, extremely quiet DSP4000 DC pump, the needle wheel impeller ensures that the air and water mix is frothed into a protein rich foam which is then effectively removed from the system into a large collection cup for easy disposal
  • The highly efficient air intake system is rated at 1000 l/h
  • The skimmer's body and collection cup is manufactured from high quality polished, cell cast acrylic
  • This skimmer is rated for aquariums of between 900 to 1500 liters volume
  • Skimmer foot print: 250 x 295mm
  • Height of unit: 610mm

Bubblemagnus Curve 9 Skimmer (61cm)


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