• The SUNSUN wave maker is an economical, durable wave maker rated for a maximum flow of 8000 l/h whilst, using only 12w of power.
  • By utilizing the slide controller on the output nozzle, the output flow can easily be adjusted from a narrow to wide angle spread 
  • The unit produces a wide spread flow of water from the output nozzle making it perfect for marine and reef aquariums
  • The head of the unit may be rotated 360 degrees to allow for perfect and easy directional water flow control
  • The JVP-132 is fitted with a magnet mounting ensuring a secure, non-slip mounting on the glass panel
  • Maximum glass thickness for the magnet mounting: 10mm
  • Suitable for aquariums from 1.2 to 1.5m

Sun Sun Wave Maker Jvp-132